Sacred Hearts Triptych

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Artist: Sofia Roman

Dimensions: 5 x 7" (per canvas)

Materials: Acrylic Hand-Painted Cotton Canvas, stretched over wood (Set of Three)

Edition of 1 (Original), hand signed

Condition: New (Original Release)

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‘Sacred Hearts’ is a set of three individual paintings that together, make up this themed 1/1 triptych. The Sacred Heart is often recognized as a symbol of devotion linked to Catholicism. Using bold colors and gold accents, Washington D.C. local artist Sofia Roman challenges this traditional symbolism by exploring other imaginative forms of an anatomical heart. ‘Sacred Hearts’ subtly sends a message that everyone's heart can be expressed in different ways; exemplifying beauty without requiring exact symmetry or anatomical perfection. UV reactive details give this triptych it's own alter-ego, providing further transformation from rigid standards and expectations.