About Us

unantiquated. is a creative agency and community resource dedicated to showcasing contemporary art, and telling the important stories behind the artworks and artists.

We believe that art has no boundaries. Our collections feature a variety of different mediums and styles, brought to life by the minds of popular artists and designers, as well as emerging ones. Although we bring together art from across the globe, we are especially proud to work with artists that are local to the DC/MD/VA area where we are currently based.

Our online gallery features original high resolution photography so you can view different angles and details of artwork from the comfort of your home. Click on an artwork in one of our collections to learn more about it and the artist(s) that created it.

We emphasize care and attention to detail when handling and shipping art. We want art to provoke thought, but not cause headaches.

If you are unsatisfied with anything about your experience, please contact us! Customer satisfaction is our priority when it comes to the sales of all artwork through unantiquated., and we will do our best to resolve any possible issues.