Celipe Perroloco

Paired with a recognizable pop art style, Celipe Perroloco, aka Fragile Freaks, uses a variety of techniques and materials to bring his ideas to life. Born in Madrid, Perroloco recalls how it all started. “Since I was a child I used to play with discarded material to do something different. I was the kid who played with the box instead of playing with the toy.”

In the early 2000’s, Perroloco discovered art toys, pop surrealism, and Lowbrow art which he claims to have “totally changed [his] perception of art”. Since then he has created many unique artworks presented through various media including paintings, prints, clothing, bags, posters for plays, covers of musical works, interior design, logo design, and sculptures.

Now living and working in the Spanish city of Mérida, Perroloco is constantly pushing the envelope of creativity. Though he still frequently chooses to incorporate cardboard in his work because he likes the idea that it had a previous life before being repurposed as a distinctive canvas for art. “I make art because I have the need to create new things and share them. Give my own view of this world” he says.

Check out the details that we photographed on Celipe Perroloco’s ‘Love Bomb’ silkscreen print on repurposed cardboard.