OG Slick

Richard Wyrgatsch II, widely known as OG Slick, is an important figure in the street wear and street art scene. His evolution as an artist can be traced all the way back to his childhood where watching his mother Linda Chang Wyrgatsch create elegant Chinese calligraphy began to give him an appreciation for expression through art.

Growing up in Hawaii, Slick also drew influence from military style apparel, East coast hip hop music, and the breakdancing scene right around the time of Style Wars. His b-boy dancing skills couldn’t hang with some of the other cats, but his love for the culture and his artistic abilities were prevalent. He was further inspired by Devious Doze, a b-boy and graffiti artist from another group that went by the name Rock Steady Crew. Slick took the creative helm for his own crew who collectively called themselves BOMB SQUAD, and began to spray paint backdrops on walls and doors for their performances. “That was me kind of finding my place in my crew”, Slick says retrospectively in an interview for Matt Gondek’s Clean Break podcast. Throughout high school, he also sold airbrushed t-shirts, which in some ways foreshadowed his future endeavors in design and fashion.

In 1987, Slick moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fine art. After being inspired by Hajime Sorayama and other airbrush artists that were popular at that time, Slick sought to hone his airbrush illustration skills and take on a more hyper-realistic approach to his art style. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the required foundational credits to get into his first choice school; the ArtCenter College of Design. Instead, Slick attended Otis College of Art and Design. During this time, he would walk to the nearby MacArthur Park on his lunch breaks to view the graffiti. It was there that he met members of a group that went by K2S, or Kill 2 Succeed, and he became part of their street art crew.

Slick’s graffiti and street art later spurred other projects such as fashion design, sculptures, and various collaborations with an impressive list of artists and brands from DeadMau5 to Obey. Slick has also co-founded multiple fashion design brands over the years, including FUCT, Third Rail, Shaolin Worldwide, and Dissizit.

In 2015, Slick founded Big Dick’s Hardware, a brick and mortar retail shop where people can come in to learn about and purchase Dissizit apparel and street art supplies at a reasonable price. By offering a vast selection of graffiti spray paints and other art materials, Slick has given artists of all ages and skill levels access to quality supplies and a unique shopping experience.
Slick’s vinyl figures and other sculptures have been a huge hit among collectors. It is common for them to sell out quickly upon release. Many of them feature different variations of gloved cartoonish hands, with three marks along the knuckle area that match tattoos on Slick’s actual hands.

Check out the details that we photographed of OG Slick’s Love Gloves (OG Edition) 10” vinyl sculpture.